About Rojavanam International School

Rojavanam as an international school, aims to mould students from young learners to the next generation of global leaders, by creating self-assured, sensitive, responsible and knowledgeable individuals with a lifelong passion for learning and caring. Our eager recognition on our students, commitment to pleasant and determination to non-stop improvement empowers our school students to deal with whatever existence might also throw at them. The most Complete Gift of God is a life based on knowledge. We believe a truly international school not only has international teachers, students, curriculum in a world-class facility, but it also embeds an international perspective that embraces a global community.

Our Misson and Vision


"Our vision at Rojavanam International School is to be a beacon of educational excellence, where interactive teaching methods and competency-based learning are at the forefront of our approach. We aspire to cultivate a community of lifelong learners who embrace diversity, think critically and contribute positively to the world."


Provide a rigorous and holistic international education that nurtures intellectual curiosity, resilience, and a passion for lifelong learning

Foster a supportive and inclusive community where every student feels valued, respected, and empowered to achieve their goals.

Cultivate a culture of innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility, inspiring students to make meaningful contributions to society.