Our Classrooms

Rojavanam International School offers a mess of coaching and studying opportunities through its nicely planned and spacious classrooms. All classrooms are full of natural light and open out to their personal outside areas multisensory play spaces that provoke learning. School rooms are linked to a huge important atelier space, designed to promote the diverse gaining knowledge of objectives for early childhood via an exploratory technique. Our classrooms are spacious, secure, well-lit and ventilated, allowing the physical, emotional and cognitive improvement of younger minds. RIS has created an enriching environment that each parent wants for his or her baby.

Our Sports & Play Spaces

Our outdoor play spaces are designed to allow children to revel in their formative years and interact in unstructured play in a natural surroundings. RIS facilities consist of a football pitch, archery, crickets nets with automobile bowler, clay tennis court and a swimming pool. Those centers help kids increase a love for adventure sports, construct self belief, athletic abilities, sportsmanship, personal integrity and recognize.

Our Library

RIS libraries, one every for elementary/middle school students and for high school college students, offer an environment wherein students can expand their information literacy skills, browse resources that will enrich classroom learning and encourage inquiry, as well as promote a love of reading.

Our libraries are well-stocked with books and digital sources which are sourced from round the world to provide wider exposure through reading. Comfortable fixtures and flexible seating options make the gap inviting for research and making collaborative study an exciting interest.


RIS transcends the boundaries of dedicated labs and technology spaces balancing inquiry and systematic instruction. Understanding of ideas and higher stage thinking is supported with the aid of integrating through technology Labs, computer, Robotics and Tinkering spaces that assist collaboration, software, investigative wondering and problem fixing.

The lab has apparatus together with mirrors, electric circuits that renders palms on exposure to theories learnt. It harbours the environment that promotes questioning, collecting and analysing data, performing procedures apart from facilitating self study and team work.


Safety is given paramount significance. Total care is taken and students are escorted to their classrooms. RIS has a big fleet of buses that cover the whole town for this reason making it handy for parents to ship their youngsters to school competently, comfortably and on time. Always each bus has a caretaker to make sure the protection of the kids throughout transit. The driver and helper have been provided with cell phones.

Special Education

The Learning Support Program provides support aid to students who have been identified with getting to know disabilities, studying disorders or folks that are low achievers. The remedial classes recognition on reinforcing principles, developing language abilities (studying and writing), reminiscence abilities, mathematical concepts, observe competencies, technological know-how ideas and organizational abilities.